Community Visions and Initiatives of Nueva Ecija (COMVIS)


"COMVIS was established primarily to respond to a need for communication facility that will serve community concerns and needs"

Nueva Ecija is a resource-rich province but its people remain poor. Previously hailed as the rice granary of the country, its production has continuously decreased in the fast few years. Farmers dependence on chemical intensive technology, coupled with their lack of control over productive resources primarily land and capital, contributed to the failure of land reform programs to really address agricultural issues. Sheer poverty is pervasive especially in rural communities where hunger, sickness, unemployment, poor education and ill-housing is a bare reality.

The province’s environmental situation is also a pressing concern. Nueva Ecija used to be shielded from the impact of destructive typhoons by the Cordillera and Caraballo mountains. But now, the denudation of these mountains exposes the province to vulnerability to flooding and landslides and further reduces the potentials of agricultural production.

With Nueva Ecija as a largely agricultural province with almost 90 percent of the population dependent on agriculture, COMVIS sees the farming sector as its primary focus of service delivery.
Establishment of COMVIS

In July 22, 2004, the Community Visions and Initiatives of Nueva Ecija (COMVIS), a non-stock, non profit, non-government organization was incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission with registry No. CN200411234. The incorporators consisted of civic oriented individuals in the province.

COMVIS was established primarily to respond to a need for communication facility that will serve community concerns and needs. However, given the expertise and experiences of individuals who initiated its formation, ranging from development work, health public service and journalism, the organization considered itself capable to respond in other development concerns in Nueva Ecija,

In early 2004, the group learned of an open opportunity to operate a radio communication facility in Nueva Ecija, particularly in the town of Guimba, in partnership with the Manila Broadcasting Company.

Inspired by the experience of Nueva Ecija Media Link in Sta Rosa, Nueva Ecija, which made meaningful success in community radio broadcasting, through news and talk shows that benefited the local community, the group saw a greater opportunity with a 500-watt station in Guimba. At the same time, there is a big need because Guimba and adjacent town are remote parts of Nueva Ecija, with limited access to other media networks.

Our Vision

The efforts of COMVIS are geared towards the vision of society where the agricultural land is fully developed, pursued with the support of a regenerated and protected environment and rural industrialization. It is society where people live in atmosphere of peace that is based on justice and where the majority of the people enjoy the quality of life based on an equal distribution of wealth, opportunities and a just share of the fruits of their labor.

Our Mission

To contribute in raising the quality of life of the people of Nueva Ecija through the effective use of community radio and multi-media, extension of social and economic services and development of peoples capability to address their issues and problem.


COMVIS aims to realize:

a. active communities equipped with knowledge and skills and working collectively towards their aspirations and objectives;

b. rehabilitated forest areas serving primarily the needs of the people through collective utilization of natural resources;

c. communities equipped with the ability to face and cope up with the effects of disasters;

d. Concretely, COMVIS with the effort on mass media work in the province, it contribute and uplift the quality of life of the people thru:

> effective use of community radio and mass media in addressing broad issues (human development, poverty, social inclusion, empowerment, business sectors, community level and catalyzing development effort of women, children, youth workers, peasants, workers, OFWs and professionals).

> promotion of peoples initiative, fostering their pro-active role in channeling communication, interaction, and cooperation with any institutions.