Radio Natin-Guimba (RNG) is a community based radio station and the core of Community Visions and Initiatives Incorporated (COMVIS), a non-stock non profit local Non Government Organization (NGO). In October 31, 2004, Radio Natin-Guimba (RNG) was launched and heard on the airwaves officially through 105.3 FM band in cooperation with the Manila Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

RNG stood as an epitome of COMVIS’ goal to advance development communication, thus, the radio facility was built on the framework of community development and service rather than income generation.

It aimed to serve as a channel for truthful and developmental broadcasting that would serve to inform, unite and move community people, individually or collectively towards community development.

Bringing truth and honest broadcasting requires strong credibility that is easier said than done, the RNG team experienced a tight spot on its first year. RNG was caught on the hub, bringing accurate news and factual situations in Central Luzon amidst pressures from both ends of the local political spectrum. Equipped with the genuine principle to uphold truth, press freedom and community development, the team resiliently moved their way to raise their banner high not minding the dangers and troubles ahead.

RNG Coverage and Facilities
 The 500-watt transmitter with a broadcast coverage hooked thousands of listeners within 20 municipalities or around 500 barangays in Nueva Ecija, and some towns of Tarlac and Pangasinan provinces. With its existing physical facilities, signal is clear within 36 kilometer radius using a “directional” antenna.

Aside from being the only radio station in Guimba, with a well- developed news and public affairs programs and talk show, eventually it developed a website to cater OFWs and Filipino migrants abroad of fresh local news and events.